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My Top 5... 
06:37am 19/10/2010
mood: curious
 1. The Big Empty - Great movie but I will never understand why he does not go...
 2. Shortbus - not to sure what to put about this movie but it really is worth watching.
 3. Fetching Cody - wish I had a chair like that.
 4. What Goes Up - It's fun to be an outcast.
 5. Lost and Delirious - Love hurts.

         I'm not sure if these movies are all that crazy but they are movies that made my feelings and thoughts go all over the place and in the end make make me feel a bit crazy.. I hope you enjoy them and i'm am looking forward to seeing a few of the movies I found on this post .
Last House on the Left 
09:05pm 24/10/2009
  This film came out in the late 70s, and was co-direct by the future hall of fame guys named Wes Craven (nightmare on elm street) and Stephen Minor (friday the 13th parts 1-4) anyway this
unintended pre-team up stars two young girls who are doping and doing all the wrong stuff like how most horror films start, then they encounter three insane asylum escapees, to whom they perform sexual torture and mayheim to them. Think faces of death here. What makes this film scary is in Could happen anywhere at anytime.

Apparently, there are over 100 film version out there because it kept getting an x rating for the time and Wes Craven kept "cleaning the films apearence" up to no avail. Finally, Craven says to heck with it and literally forges An R label on the finished product, turns it in to Boston Theatre and is forever in cased in Film Nostalgia history. True story, hope your excited. Well let me know what you think, I had to get my copy from Canada two years ago, I understand there is a remake in the works.

15 years forced in a cell, only 5 days given to seek revenge. 
04:05am 12/08/2005
  The movie Old Boy is by far one of the greatest and most grotesquely fucked up films I have seen in a long time. It is about a man who is imprisoned for 15 years in a hotel room and is released, given clothes, money and a cell phone. The man is determined to find answeres and seeks revenge on the one that imprisoned him. The film twists and turns constantly, and the ending is one of the most shocking I have seen. I highly recomend this film to anyone and everyone.  
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oh and by the way 
06:30pm 31/07/2005
  we have had the same background and icon for quite a long time, if you'd like to contribute to icons and backgrounds. send me some links and i'll hook this page up.
just remember it has to be a movie.
and it has to be and ABSOLUTELY INSANE movie.

Love Me If You Dare 
06:17pm 31/07/2005
  Yes, you can tell by the title that this is in fact a love story. And although very rare, some love stories can be absolutely insane. This beautifuly made french movie is one of them.
If you have seen Big Fish you will recognize the lead female role as Billy Crudup's wife.
All the actors in this film do an amazing job, there is no weak link in the whole thing, and even if there is, they have such a tiny part that it doesn't even make a difference.
The thing that makes this movie so different is how much more of a real life love story this is comparitive to others. Other love stories consist of the same thing, and probably some hot bod boy that everyone worships, like johnny depp or something.
Luckily this is a foreign film, so you wont really recognize these characters as anything but regular people living out a regular life (with of course a tad bit of fuck-upness).
The thing about this not being traditional is #1 the fact that the love story lasts from the time these two characters are very young, till they're 35. Sometimes it takes a long time to realize how you truly feel about someone.
Anyway, this movie is pretty much about a game. From the time they are children they start a game of daring. These aren't just normal dares, they can be pretty extreme, and as time goes on the dares get worse and worse, a little more fucked up as time goes on. But sometimes people can't live there lives the way it's supposed to be, they just don't know how to express their love, so they play childish games, all the way until they're adults. and it starts fucking up their lives in a bad way.
Funny the stupid things we do for love.
anyway, this movie is very beautifuly directed, the coloring and everything is very bright at times, and it's just so...ARGH! no explination. this movie is the most perfect love story of all time.
If you have kind of a disturbed/dark humored mind. and you still of course enjoy love, and good dark comedy, you'll love this.
it's fucking good.
thats all you need to know.
and if you aren't satisfied with what i've said go to www.imdb.com and look it up. just to see more information...that's the greatest site to look up movie facts and such.

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Those damn Japanese 
05:35pm 03/06/2005
  So if anybody out there has seen Ichi The Killer...you know that it's probably one of the most insane foriegn films ever! the gore is spectacular...as long as it's not the digitial effects, those all pretty much where not that great, but funny nonetheless.
This is one of the weirdest most confusing movies i've ever seen in my life.
it's just so...i don't know how to explain it, but by the end you still don't understand a lot of shit that just happened. the whole storyline is very common, a guy trying to find his boss who was kidnapped and supposedly killed by the infamous Ichi the killer. and nobody knows who this Ichi guy is. In fact you don't even find out for a while who it is, but the actual killer is very interesting to see, and kind of depressing/sick at the same time.
anyway, if you want to see a gory/confusing/funny movie check this out, expecially the unrated version...watching someones tits get sliced off is probably one of the sickest things i've seen, it's so simple but it gives me the chills...ANYWAY WATCH IT!
see Ricki-Oh if you're into this kinda thing as well.
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08:15pm 03/06/2005
  Do you like Fight Club?

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Best Writer? 
08:27am 12/02/2005
  Of the three, who is your favorite writer: Wes Anderson, Charlie Kaufman, or Quentin Tarantino?  
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05:07pm 08/01/2005
  What's Requiem for a Dream about guys?  
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11:42pm 26/12/2004
  alright, if you guys wanna see a crazy ass movie. GO watch "Visitor Q" its a japanese film. it cant be explained.. just yeah.. you have to see it to know just how crazy it is..  
05:10pm 30/11/2004
  new to community

interesting movies...
elephant man
eternal sunshine...
city of lost children
napolean dynamite
being john malkovitch
fight club
angels in america
pulp fiction
in america
flowers in the attic
no such thing
the truman show
wonder boys
cube (however idiotic it may be -it is a mind fuck)
boys don't cry
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09:22pm 28/10/2004
  Wow...i haven't posted here in forever. i'll try and start posting more often. i noticed we got plenty of members. which is totally WOOT! anyway. i've decided from now on, my new tirual for every halloween. to get a few people together. we all watch donnie darko. and as a special treat i'll play my special cover of the song Mad World...which by the way is totally sexual. i love playing that song. maybe at some point i'll record it on my computer so you all can hear it. it's totally sweet. anyway...uh yeah
i don't think i posted for when i saw eternal sunshine of the spotless mind finally. i found the movie quite good. it was definatly interesting. the only thing i didn't like about it is that i feel it's too short. and maybe some of the characters arent developed enough. but i still think the movie is beautiful and in a way. because some of the characters aren't developed the same way as other movies. that makes it more artistic. this movie rocked. and i'm looking forward to more new kickass movies.
movies i'm definatly looking forward for them to make
Invisible Monsters
and they just so happen to all be chuck palahniuk books. i mostly wanna see how they make survivor. i totally can't wait till that comes out...but it'll be a couple years. but i'm telling you right now. we will all be adding Survivor and any other chuck palahniuk book to the list of crazy movies as they become movies. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT! peace out everyone. and keep posting...even though it doesn't happen mucho...i'll try more. i promise.
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05:15pm 23/10/2004
mood: awake
My name is Kate and I like the good movies.
My top 5 movies are:
1.) Donnie Darko-enough people have already mentioned this movie, it's just amazing and everyone knows it
2.)Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf-This movie is so freaking crazy. I love it. It was originally a play. Elizabeth Taylor does an excellent job with her part. It's so beautiful and witty and just absolutely brilliant.
3.)Asako in Ruby Shoes-What an odd movie. It's a Korean romance. The thing that I love the most about it is there is not a lot of dialog but you still feel like you know the characters very well and I could see where each of them were coming from. An excellent movie. And the way it was shot--WOW!
4.)Igby Goes Down-So good, I really don't know what to say about it. It just is I guess, you can't describe it, amazing.
5.)Once Upon a Time in High School-This is also a Korean film. It's incredible. It has everything you need in a movie and it's so crazy. It has awesome action because it's very real. A lot of it, at least the set up of the school and maybe not the actual story, was based upon the directors experiences. It's so strange, I loved it.

Requiem for a Dream was excellent also, how beautiful, the way it was filmed and you just feel the whole movie, especially the part when Marion is lying on the couch with her heroin, that really got me for some reason.

Pi-the same director as Requiem for a Dream. This movie is so screwed up, I really need to watch it again. It was amazing.

Eternal Sunshine-holy shit.
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11:18am 06/08/2004

I found this community and thought it might be of interest to some of you because
a) the kids there Post regularly
b) it's got a reviewing standard it seems to be keeping up nicely.

I know I'll be watching.
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10:43am 05/08/2004
  ooh just watched 'donnie darko'! ooh the crazy bunny! ooh sexy jake gyllenhaal! okay, maybe that last one was unnecessary. but yeah, great movie. made me sad. love the song at the end.

:that is all:
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07:40pm 04/08/2004

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07:55pm 27/07/2004
  crazy movies... hmmm... i'm a first time poster here, but i do love odd movies, so here goes:

life is beautiful (roberto bennigni) - awesome tearjerker but somehow so funny
mr. death (film about a guy that worked on death chambers etc for jails and was asked to disprove the holocaust - a pickyourjawoffthefloormultipletimes kinda movie)
mememto - crazy of course because you watch it once and decide it goes from end to beginning, you watch it again and realize there is no end or beginning but it's actually in loop
tater tomater - 20 minutes of insanity at a small truck stop diner
baraka - quiannaskatzi (however the heck you spell it) on crack
waking life - grand slam ultimate crazy movie of all time... watch it and you'll see
but i'm a cheerleader - throw it in there just to keep a good level of sanity
the cruise - if you like art films with people talking about making love to a building (don't ask... :))
return to oz - freakouthe8yearoldyou'rebabysitting kind of movie
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ghost in the shell. 
10:04pm 24/07/2004
mood: sore

Hi, i just joined this community. 
I havent seen a lot of the movies discussed in this site, only a small handful, but still im a huge movie fan, especially movies that toy with your mind. 

Just now i watched a movie called Ghost in the Shell that someone had lent me.  It was an anime, very unique with a smart story, it was amazing.  I dont know if it qualifies as a mind blowing film but it definately makes you think and question. 

Also, does anyone know how much the Director's Cut of Donnie Darko is?  Id really like to own it, right now i have the VHS version.       

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11:26am 12/07/2004
mood: amused
I've lately been renting some very interesting movies. I've been going on a David Lynch movie hunt. He is one AWESOME director. Lost Highway and Mullhuland Dr. are two VEERRY crazy movies... they had my mind spinning in circles after the 1st 20 mintes or so..MUST SEES. Also, Donnie Darko.. THE GOD OF ALL MOVIES!.. craazy craazy stuff.. but an excellent movie nonetheless. Has anyone seen the director's cut for that yet? i really gotta see that.
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08:08pm 27/06/2004
  Igby goes down is a good movie...not scratch your head good..just good.