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Brandon SMITH

Love Me If You Dare

Yes, you can tell by the title that this is in fact a love story. And although very rare, some love stories can be absolutely insane. This beautifuly made french movie is one of them.
If you have seen Big Fish you will recognize the lead female role as Billy Crudup's wife.
All the actors in this film do an amazing job, there is no weak link in the whole thing, and even if there is, they have such a tiny part that it doesn't even make a difference.
The thing that makes this movie so different is how much more of a real life love story this is comparitive to others. Other love stories consist of the same thing, and probably some hot bod boy that everyone worships, like johnny depp or something.
Luckily this is a foreign film, so you wont really recognize these characters as anything but regular people living out a regular life (with of course a tad bit of fuck-upness).
The thing about this not being traditional is #1 the fact that the love story lasts from the time these two characters are very young, till they're 35. Sometimes it takes a long time to realize how you truly feel about someone.
Anyway, this movie is pretty much about a game. From the time they are children they start a game of daring. These aren't just normal dares, they can be pretty extreme, and as time goes on the dares get worse and worse, a little more fucked up as time goes on. But sometimes people can't live there lives the way it's supposed to be, they just don't know how to express their love, so they play childish games, all the way until they're adults. and it starts fucking up their lives in a bad way.
Funny the stupid things we do for love.
anyway, this movie is very beautifuly directed, the coloring and everything is very bright at times, and it's just so...ARGH! no explination. this movie is the most perfect love story of all time.
If you have kind of a disturbed/dark humored mind. and you still of course enjoy love, and good dark comedy, you'll love this.
it's fucking good.
thats all you need to know.
and if you aren't satisfied with what i've said go to and look it up. just to see more information...that's the greatest site to look up movie facts and such.

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