1trickp0ny (1trickp0ny) wrote in crazymovies,

Last House on the Left

This film came out in the late 70s, and was co-direct by the future hall of fame guys named Wes Craven (nightmare on elm street) and Stephen Minor (friday the 13th parts 1-4) anyway this
unintended pre-team up stars two young girls who are doping and doing all the wrong stuff like how most horror films start, then they encounter three insane asylum escapees, to whom they perform sexual torture and mayheim to them. Think faces of death here. What makes this film scary is in Could happen anywhere at anytime.

Apparently, there are over 100 film version out there because it kept getting an x rating for the time and Wes Craven kept "cleaning the films apearence" up to no avail. Finally, Craven says to heck with it and literally forges An R label on the finished product, turns it in to Boston Theatre and is forever in cased in Film Nostalgia history. True story, hope your excited. Well let me know what you think, I had to get my copy from Canada two years ago, I understand there is a remake in the works.

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