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Those damn Japanese

So if anybody out there has seen Ichi The know that it's probably one of the most insane foriegn films ever! the gore is long as it's not the digitial effects, those all pretty much where not that great, but funny nonetheless.
This is one of the weirdest most confusing movies i've ever seen in my life.
it's just so...i don't know how to explain it, but by the end you still don't understand a lot of shit that just happened. the whole storyline is very common, a guy trying to find his boss who was kidnapped and supposedly killed by the infamous Ichi the killer. and nobody knows who this Ichi guy is. In fact you don't even find out for a while who it is, but the actual killer is very interesting to see, and kind of depressing/sick at the same time.
anyway, if you want to see a gory/confusing/funny movie check this out, expecially the unrated version...watching someones tits get sliced off is probably one of the sickest things i've seen, it's so simple but it gives me the chills...ANYWAY WATCH IT!
see Ricki-Oh if you're into this kinda thing as well.
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hahah my broha told you to get that