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Crazy Ass Movies

Chase your dreams, the makers of your favorite movies do...

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This community is for all those of you who want to discuss and review crazy movies.

But first, to clarify:
To classify a movie as truly crazy, we're looking for the sort that have your mind in back-flips, the kind where you walk out of the theatre like you've just been on a spectacular acid trip. We aren't looking for stupid comedies or formulaic love stories. Spare us your lazy big budget productions. It doesn't mean these movies suck, it's just that we're here to discuss the films that have spawned tectonic paradigm shifts in your everyday lives, the kind that push the envelope and challenge what you know.

Since this is a relatively young community, we welcome suggestions of movies to add to the 'interests' list and your reviews for any 'crazy films' you've seen. Try and give a little more detail than "it was awesome". If it's a film worth seeing, it should be worth a long rant. That being said, don't give away the ending!

If you like, you can look at this community as a your definitive viewing guide, and the place you go to rave about the new Great film. If you want someone's opinion on a film, feel free to ask: we're also here for advice.

We encourage honesty. If someone has eulogized a particularly unremarkable film, tell 'em so. You pussies aren't scared of a little argument, are you? ...Remember, however, that these people are entitled to their own opinion...but so are you, so inform us as to why you disagree.

Also, feel free to talk about noteworthy TV series. There are a few out there and if they're worth your words, then they're worth us knowing about them.